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Why Retreat?

The Yoga Sutras describe our thoughts as either colored or uncolored, klishta or aklishta. From a Western perspective this is called mental patterning.

Oftentimes our mental patterning prevents us from seeing what's right in front of us, or changes what we see to meet our mind's expectations. On retreat we take a step back from what's too close to us to see clearly, gaining perspective and wisdom. Yoga offers this opportunity to us through consistent practice, and is amplified on retreat as we step out from the familiarity of our own lives. Without inquiry, we continue to move automatically through the world, making the same choices over and over.

My commitment on retreat is to provide quality yoga education. Alcohol and substances are discouraged for clarity of mind and sight. Community is built and is at the center of my mission to create lasting bonds between practitioners as they practice yoga as a way of life. I’m proud to choose regenerative retreat centers whose commitment to the land is not only to leave as little trace as possible, but to actually give back to the earth.

Because of their educational nature, my retreats and events provide continuing education units (CEUs) through the Yoga Alliance. To request CEUs, please e-mail


Viva La Vida!

March 21-28, 2020

Playa Viva Regenerative Retreat Center, Juluchuca, Mexico

Playa Viva is a sustainable beach haven with an emphasis on positive social and environmental impact for the local ecosystem. Park yourself by the healing ocean, take part in an indigenous sweat lodge ceremony with a local Shaman, live sustainably for a week on a mile of private beach. This is my longest retreat offered, and it offers the opportunity to really dive into practice and reemerge back into your life truly recharged and ready!

Lambing Retreat to Metta Earth

April 17-20, 2020

Metta Earth Institute, Lincoln, VT

Join me on a Spring retreat to Metta Earth in Lincoln Vermont. The lambs are born all throughout the month of April and early May, so they’ll be young and cuddly and we may experience a birth! Explore the concept of rebirth in action, learning from the land, Gillian, and Laura through time on the land, yoga practice, caring for the sheep, and more.

5th Annual Summer Sweetness Retreat to Metta Earth

July 10-13, 2020

Metta Earth Institute, Lincoln, VT

Metta Earth is here to welcome you home, whether it’s your fifth time or your first. I think, if yoga lives somewhere, it’s Metta Earth. Deeply align with nature. Restore the earth, restore yourself. Yoga and life on an organic farm go hand in hand, on and off the mat.

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