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More Metta: An Autumn Retreat

Metta Earth Institute, Lincoln, VT

September 13th - 15th


Metta Earth

The Metta Earth Institute is a beautiful 158 acre mecca of sustainability and heart-centered living-off-the-land in Lincoln, Vermont. This is a place for reconnecting to nature and your true nature. Yoga practice is encouraged in every aspect of life at Metta Earth, from morning posture, to gathering from the garden, to the moments before mealtimes. During our time on this weekend-long retreat, the emphasis is on simplifying life to focus on what matters most. Get your hands in the dirt, eat right from the land, meet your newest animal friends, and focus on living your yoga on and off the mat.


Highlights of the retreat include:

  • 4 yoga practices

  • Organic farm-to-table meals

  • Meet the sheep, chickens, cows, and Bodhi the cat

  • Option to experience that yurt life

  • Peace and quiet in the woods of Vermont

  • Time to reflect and turn inwards in good company

  • Bring home homemade kombucha, fresh eggs, maple tapped from nearby trees, and more from the Metta Earth Farm Store

  • Time on the farm and 158 acres of beautiful earth

  • Get your hands in the dirt, and learn about what grows on the farm

  • Tea making and ceremony


Sense of Place

Metta Earth Institute describes their mission in the following way: “We support living lightly and compassionately on the planet. Regenerative principles include: interdependence and a cooperative work ethic, conservation efforts for the protection of wild lands and native species, innovations in human-scale farming and gardening, contemplative practices including mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, culturally enhancing arts and healing practices, permaculture design, appropriate technologies, renewable energy, and green building.”

Their organic farm and flower garden is a sight to see, and is mostly what feeds and supports retreat participants for the entire weekend save a few supplemental foods from neighboring farms. The garden invites butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Daily meals, mostly grown from the organic farm on the property, are served community-style, where coming together to dine is an opportunity to experience express gratitude for the fruits of the earth, our togetherness, and our practices.

Gillian and Russell, owners and directors of The Metta Earth Institute, co-create the retreat and share the mission and values of the Metta Earth experientially throughout the time together. Gillian and Russell share the mission of Metta Earth through their teachings and presence in daily ways that are woven into mundane interactions, making the ordinary extraordinary.


Yoga and Programming

Laura and Gillian co-create each retreat, so it’s tailored to who is there and crafted with a pertinent theme that runs through all of the programming. Programming differs seasonally and according to what’s available, so the retreat schedule is always topical and alive.

The retreat includes six of the usual LA signature classes intended to deepen your practice, both physical and spiritual, complete with core connection and sermons of intention. The practice is adaptive and can accommodate all abilities and one restorative practice with sound healing and reiki. Evening practice on Saturday and Sunday will be restorative in nature. Meditation, both active and seated, is interspersed throughout.

Gillian offers a tea making/ceremony in which we learn to connect more deeply to plants and the earth and join in the art and meditation of sipping and sharing space, which includes a walking meditation to the river to help us connect and attune to the water and the land, both vital elements of the tea to be made.

Weather permitting, a bonfire helps us connect to the natural elements, allowing that energy to burn what no longer serves and kindle what we wish to foster. We’ll spend time on the farm and get to know what grows on the beautiful land at Metta Earth. During the farm tour, meet your new best friends: a spirited bunch of sheep, chickens, and cows that live in the fields.





  • Accommodations

  • Yoga, reiki, sound healing and meditation

  • Daily morning smoothie/juice offering before practice

  • Three daily local organic meals

  • Tea making and ceremony

  • Farm tour

Does not include:

  • Transportation to and from the institute

  • Purchases in the Metta Earth Farm Store


Metta Earth Farm Store:

Items available for purchase may include:

  • Cookbooks

  • Fresh eggs

  • Homemade kombucha

  • Dried garlic and chilis

  • Tinctures

  • Maple syrup tapped from Metta Earth maples

  • Homemade salves

  • and more


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