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Chill Out Vata

A Half-Day Yoga and Ayurveda Staycation Retreat with Laura Ahrens Yoga and Lauren Massalas Ayurveda

The Moon Lodge at Hawthorn Farm Retreat Center, Medfield MA

Saturday, January 11th, 2020, 8am - 1pm


Vitality, immunity, and stability determine our longevity. Those tend to be depleted in winter, but yoga and ayurveda can build our vigor and endurance to get through the dark days. As we build towards the light on the other side of the Winter Solstice and in the freshness of the new year, we’ll come together in community to immerse ourselves in Yoga and Ayurveda to nurture our aliveness and increase our capacity.

This retreat is ideal for those who want something closer by, less expensive, in a shorter time span. We’ll start our day with a nourishing and hearty welcome drink, followed by yoga practice with Laura (adaptable for all abilities), an Ayurveda lecture with Lauren to nourish your mind while you sip digestive tea, and an Ayurvedic vegetarian or vegan lunch to nourish your belly.  We’ll finish our day with pranayama and send you on the road with new skills to navigate the elements associated with this time of year and a parting gift from us to you geared towards helping with that.






  • Pre-practice drink

  • Yoga practice

  • Lecture

  • Tea

  • Lunch

  • Parting gift


Pricing: $120 per person

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